The CSS-Shirt

CSS-Shirt CSS-Shirt

Show your love for CSS

Everyone needs a shirt to represent, right?

Well, this goes for all the web designers, frontend developers and web related people as well!
But there was no proper CSS related shirt out there.

So the mission was clear: one has to be created!
The final result can you see here.
I hope you like it!

Some facts about the shirt:

  • Printed and delivered by Spreadshirt
  • Printed on Spreadshirt premium shirts
  • 100% Cotton | Fabric Weight: 150g/m2 / 5.29oz
  • Shirts fairly produced - DNA code to follow chain of production
Gimme that shirt now!

# Behind the scenes

Hey there, my name is Nils!

I am a frontend developer & digital creative from Germany.

As always: I am happy to get feedback from you!
So write it down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram.

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